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“It’s a shame to be the one that’s forgotten about” in the aftermath of the Coronavirus

The fallout from the coronavirus epidemic continues to reverberate in the city of Columbia, where hundreds of thousands of residents are still struggling to get by.The city of roughly 10,000 has become the focal point for the nation’s efforts to combat the virus and has become a center for social media and discussion.The Coronacircumcision Project, […]

Why Milwaukee Public Library Is Building the Smartest Library in the World: What You Need to Know

San Antonio, Texas — — The San Antonio Public Library has made the world’s smartest library, thanks to a collaborative partnership between the University of Texas at Austin, the city of San Antonio and the University at Albany.The university’s School of Engineering and Applied Science and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, as well […]

When will the cloud library be ready?

Lincoln City Libraries will be receiving new cloud storage facilities as part of the City of Lincoln’s annual $2.5 billion Library Expansion Program.The new facilities, which will cost about $5 million, will help library staff manage the data, photos, and video that libraries collect on their mobile devices.The libraries’ new cloud facilities will allow library […]

Which of these are better for reading? – iOS or Android?

The mobile world has changed since the iPhone’s launch, and there are lots of different apps out there. There are apps that are optimized for a particular platform, such as Netflix or Spotify.There are apps like ebooks, but they often lack content and, because they require you to install and download the app, they can take […]

How to use the Boise Public Library’s iPad app to explore the archives and learn about the state’s history

Idaho Gov.C.L. “Butch” Otter has announced that the state is adding an iPad app, the Boise Public Library, that allows patrons to access the state archives.The new app will allow visitors to view documents and audio files of the Bois, the state library’s online archives, and more.Otter said in a news release that the new […]

How to get a better sense of how the online library ecosystem works for you.

In my opinion, the online book publishing industry is still in a pretty rough place.This is a very complex ecosystem where a lot of different companies are competing for the same people who want to publish their books online, but also competing for customers and finding ways to make their books available to more people.In […]

GSU Library’s Library Genesis: How GSU is making the next generation of technology for the 21st century

By now, you may be familiar with the name of the library located on the south side of downtown Boise, Idaho.It’s been in the news recently for several different reasons.First, a library in Oklahoma City has been cited for copyright infringement.Second, a university in California has been sued for not using their trademarked name.Now, the […]

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