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Berkeley to shut down all new solar panels after California regulators move to block its expansion

The University of California, Berkeley, is in the process of closing the doors of its solar energy business, which had been operating at a rapid pace, after California’s regulatory agencies ruled that its solar panels were not covered under state renewable energy incentives.The Berkeley-based university said in a statement that the solar panels are expected […]

The Biggest Book Burners in Phoenix Public Libraries

Phoenix Public Library, a public library in the northern suburbs of Phoenix, has a list of “burning books” that they’re encouraging people to take a look at.According to the Phoenix Public Libres Facebook page, the library’s Burning Books Project is trying to raise money to pay for a new, free digital library for children, which […]

Public Libraries Are Using Social Media to Reach Out to Voters, Avoid Losing Funds

A new study from the San Diego Public Library (SDPL) has revealed that public libraries are using social media to reach out to voters and avoid losing money on the advertising.The study revealed that the average public library had $15.6 million in ad revenue and lost $12.3 million on advertising during the 2016 election cycle.In […]

How to get started with Open Source for a new job: Recode Replay

https://cbschicago.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/cbs-chicago-public-library-open-source-replay.mp3 Cecil replies: Hi Scott,Thanks for the update on my question.The short answer is: you need to use the code available on GitHub, as it is the only one we are able to use.For example, we can’t use our code because GitHub requires that the source be available in a .svn format.The code for the […]

Public library says it will no longer allow transgender people to use restrooms based on their birth sex

NASHVILLE, Tenn.— Public libraries will no long allow transgender women to use bathrooms based on the sex on their documents.The Nashville Public Library Board of Directors voted unanimously Tuesday to prohibit transgender people from using the men’s restrooms in the city’s public library system.We want our patrons to be safe and comfortable,” said Rebecca Flanders, […]

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