Chicago Public Library’s new bib library to open this spring

Chicago Public, a publicly owned library, will open a new branch of its BIB in May.

The new branch, called BIC, will offer a wide variety of services for people with disabilities, from a library that offers online learning to a digital arts center, according to a press release.

The BIC branch, which opened in 2015, is located at 801 E. Clybourn St., near the corner of North Cicero and North Kedzie.

The library has been working to make the branch accessible to people with physical disabilities for the past two years.

“Our community and staff have been working hard on this branch for the last two years to make it a better and more comfortable environment for people to use, including offering digital tools to support those who have disabilities, and creating a space where they can get support and access to resources and services,” the press release said.

The branch also offers a special section of the library called the Digital Arts Center that features a variety of digital resources and includes an audio-visual experience.

Chicago Public has an enrollment of over 4 million people, but has only a fraction of the budget to support its own staff.

The news comes at a time when the city is considering closing its library and closing the branch.

Last year, the library was one of three in Chicago to close its doors due to the city’s budget crisis.

Chicago closed its BIC library in 2015 due to a $3.7 million budget shortfall.

The city has since taken over its BICS library, which is also operated by the city.

The libraries are not currently being considered for closure because they serve a wide array of needs, including people with mental health issues, as well as children with special needs, according a press statement from the Chicago Public.