Cincinnati Public Library to partner with Cuyahogans library

CINCINNATI — The Cincinnati Public Libraries will partner with the Cuyahsoga County Library to offer a wide range of digital content and resources to support the library’s mission to serve the public through the delivery of high-quality public education.”CPL is proud to announce that the Cincinnati Public libraries’ Digital Library will now be available in more than 60 of the county’s libraries, bringing the total to over 200 digital resources, including books, audio and video, and mobile apps.CPL has been working with CPL to create and expand digital content, and it is encouraging local libraries to offer their digital resources as well, and help CPL build relationships with local businesses.

The digital resources will include digital editions of CPL’s library newspapers, weekly newspapers, daily magazines and web content, among others.”

Cpl is a nonprofit public library system located in Cincinnati, Ohio. “

We are proud to partner to expand access to these resources, and to partner on the new CPL Digital Library with the Cincinnati public libraries.”

Cpl is a nonprofit public library system located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

It has over 12,000 members and is committed to creating a learning environment that is accessible to all.

CPL has a dedicated network of volunteers and offers the best quality educational materials in the world.