How the U.S. Library System Can Expand Its Reach into Communities with Affordable Digital Access

Libraries are essential to our society, and we are constantly innovating to make their systems better, faster, and more secure.

The Library of Congress has partnered with the UIC Community Foundation to create the Digital Access Fund, an effort to improve access to libraries in communities where there is a significant gap in technology, technology access, and access to library resources.

We are excited to work with the community to help libraries reach new audiences through digital access.

The Digital Access Initiative will help libraries build their digital networks and create new ways for communities to engage with their library systems.

As part of the initiative, libraries are supporting the UIU Library Service Awards, a $1,000 scholarship to help library users with learning challenges, which will help provide access to services, including ebooks and books, as well as technical support for libraries’ digital offerings.

The awards, which are open to all UIC Libraries, are also a great way for libraries to recognize local excellence and make a meaningful impact.

In addition, the Library of the Year will be awarded in the form of an electronic gift card to any Library patron in the United States.

The UIU is a national leader in digital learning, digital literacy, and digital access and we have been instrumental in supporting the initiative by providing access to our libraries’ resources.

The digital access fund is also available through the Library’s Public Libraries Fund.

UIC Library Service Award Application and Awards The Digital Services and Services Enhancement Program (DSSEP) is the first of its kind for a library service award, and will help expand access to the libraries in underserved communities through the Digital Services Enhancement program.

Libraries can apply for a Digital Services Award through the UINetral program website.

The application process includes an online survey and online review, and a library staff member will contact you to schedule an appointment.

The selection process includes the following steps: Select a library in your community that meets the criteria of the Digital Service Award.

Apply for an award using the online survey.

Review your library application and receive an email with a link to submit your application.

If approved, your application will be sent to the UIG Library Service Board and will be reviewed by a panel of staff members.

Review the results and make recommendations to the Board.

Apply to become part of our Digital Services Program, which offers a full range of support services including: Digital resources, including digital reading materials, electronic books, and video services.

Free and low-cost e-book and audiobook resources for all UIU Libraries, including free ebooks for non-digital library users.

Free access to electronic resources, digital resources, and audiobooks to students.

Library-wide digital services including electronic ebooks, video, and text services for UIC students and libraries.

The full range for each library will be available through a variety of resources, services, and applications, including the following: The UINETral program is available through our online website, and by phone at 888-724-1230 or by e-mail at [email protected]

For more information, please visit the Digital services and services enhancement program website at

We look forward to working with the library community to enable them to reach new generations of learners through digital literacy.

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