How to get started with Open Source for a new job: Recode Replay Cecil replies: Hi Scott,Thanks for the update on my question.

The short answer is: you need to use the code available on GitHub, as it is the only one we are able to use.

For example, we can’t use our code because GitHub requires that the source be available in a .svn format.

The code for the library you are looking at is located here:​sarahs_dowling/​sahdowlingslibrary-chicagobooth-austin-a17092464-a7f2-41b4-b8d7c4e907e6.

We do however have a repository of some other open source libraries, such as the one used in the above example.

If you have more questions about this, please let me know in the comments.

Thanks,Cecill,CeeCee CeeCeesCee,The Code in the Community.

CeeCsCode is the community code for Austin Public Library.

They also run the Austin Public library’s Open Source Library initiative, which encourages other local libraries to share their resources and technologies with the Austin community.

They have written several blog posts about the project and its community-driven efforts.