How to make a home library

Posted August 14, 2018 08:07:50 The city of Madison, Wisconsin has one of the largest home libraries in the United States.

The Madison Public Library is one of several large public libraries in Wisconsin with over 50,000 books.

One of the main challenges to building a library is funding.

It is very expensive to maintain and operate a library, and most libraries are owned by private companies.

To solve this issue, the Madison Public Libraries is partnering with local non-profit organization, Madison Libraries.

The goal of this project is to provide free online access to thousands of books and materials to libraries in Madison, Madison County, Madison and surrounding areas.

This project has been a collaborative effort with libraries, community organizations and others to ensure the library has a home in the community.

To learn more about the project, visit the project website at

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The home library is part of a larger effort to increase access to information in the area.

For instance, the Milwaukee Public Library opened a library to help students learn about history and culture.

Also, the community is helping to build a digital library for students.

The library in Madison is part the Madison Library System, which is the largest public library system in Wisconsin.

Madison Libraries has over 50 books in print and digital format, including more than 25,000 printed books.

This is part one of a three-part series on home libraries.

Part two will look at how to build libraries in other places around the country.