How to make a ‘treatise’ about an obscure topic at a church in Minnesota

The Gospel Library in Dakota County, Minnesota, has published a book on a topic not normally covered in the church: how to make “treatises” about things like God’s love for humans and God’s punishment for sinners.

The book, “A Treatise on the Love of God” (yes, that’s an actual word), is called “God’s Punishment for Sins” and the pastor of the library, Tom Schoenfeld, said the book was meant to help church members to “see that God does love us, and He does punish us for our sins, even when we do not know why.”

Schoenfeld said he was inspired to write the book after reading the Bible for the first time, and he realized he was on the right path.

“There’s a lot of people that don’t have a very deep understanding of God’s relationship with people,” he said.

“The scriptures say, ‘Be good to your brother and neighbor.

Let your neighbor live and let your brother die.

This is the covenant that God made with Abraham, and it’s the covenant He’s making with you, and you have to do it.'”

The book has been translated into 25 languages, including Hebrew, Spanish and German, and is available on and other online retailers.

Schoenfield said he has received more than $200,000 in donations to fund the book.

“A lot of these people are just so grateful that they can come to church and have a conversation with God about their own lives, because they’re trying to live the life of faith that’s so important in the Bible,” he explained.

Schroeder said he decided to launch the book to share what he believed was a simple concept that is not often covered in Christian churches.

“I’ve been reading a lot about the love of God, and what the gospel teaches us about that love, and I just thought, I need to talk about it,” he added.

“I really believe that people are very capable of talking about things that are not often discussed.”

Schroeding said the church is always looking for new ways to engage people, and the book aims to help people get more acquainted with the concept of God.

“It’s not a new concept, it’s just a new way to look at it,” Schoenfield explained.

“If people don’t think that’s important, then I’m just going to tell them what I think they should know.”