How to Save Money in Las Vegas Public Libraries

Public libraries are seeing an influx of students, retirees and families seeking free and discounted tickets to sporting events.

The Hill has learned that some of those tickets are in the form of free tickets to the 2017 NBA All-Star Game.

Public libraries have been offering free tickets for the first time in the city’s history, and are hoping to add a similar option to the All-State game later this month.

Many of Las Vegas’s libraries are also planning to offer discounted admission to games.

Las Vegas has a population of just over 13 million, and many residents, especially those in the Las Vegas area, are turning to public libraries to save on food, rent and other necessities.

Las vegas libraries are hoping for similar success with the All Star game.

Las Vegas Public Library Board of Directors President Susan Janssen said in a statement that library patrons are coming to the library to learn about events and to connect with other patrons.

She noted that library members who purchase a library ticket have the option to also receive a discounted admission, but those tickets have not yet been made available.

Public Libraries in other cities are already offering free admission to the NBA All Star Game.

The New York Public Library announced on Wednesday that it is offering a free admission for any All-Stars and an All-Rookie selection to fans attending the game in New York City on March 19.

The library has also announced that fans can attend the NBA’s All-NBA game between the Milwaukee Bucks and Golden State Warriors, which is slated to take place in Brooklyn on April 2.

Las Vegas Public Library and the City of Las Vega have teamed up to offer free admission.

Las Vega Library Director Scott Johnson said that they are “extremely excited” about the opportunity to offer a free All-star selection.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to bring fans from all over the world to Las Vegas Public Libraries, which are the most-visited in the world,” Johnson said.

“This free All Star selection will help Las Vegs Public Libraries continue to grow as a destination to educate our community.”

Las Veges Public Library has already launched an online ticketing tool for fans, and hopes to expand that service in the future.

Las Venegas public library also launched a mobile app to help fans find free tickets.

The Las Vegas public library website is now available in Spanish, French, and Chinese.

Public Library of Las Venes website is available in Chinese.

The new Las vega tickets for free will go on sale on Monday, March 29.

The full list of free events will be available on the Las vegas library website on Monday.

Lasvegas Public Libraries are already working on a new digital ticketing app for fans.

LasVegas library will also offer a new “All-Star Draft” event, featuring NBA players selected by fans, at the public library.

The draft will be held on March 20, 2018.

This will be the first All-state draft for Las vegs public libraries since 2005.

Las Vegas Public libraries will also hold a second draft on March 22, 2018, where fans will select from a list of 30 names for All-stars and Rookie of the Year.

Fans can find out more information on the All Stars and Rookie selections here. 

The Las vegan draft will take place on Saturday, March 28, 2018 at Las Vegas library. 

Tickets for the NBA draft will cost $25, $35 and $40. 

If you live in Las vegans area and would like to participate in the draft, visit the public libraries website here.