How to Watch ‘Babylon 5’ Online: This Week’s Movies

The Sport Blog has posted a list of movies that are available to watch online for free or for a fee.

The list includes a few classics, but also some that are a little dated.

Here’s a rundown of the movies that can be viewed on the web for free for a limited time, from Monday, April 25, through Wednesday, May 8:Avengers: A Fantastic WorldAvenger: Age of UltronAvenging AngelAvenges: The FallAvenged: The Last of the JediAvenge: The Longest DayAvengeline: The Legend of the Sword of the AncientsAvenga: The Dark Side of the MoonAvenguine: The First NightAvengemaster: The Journey of the Sorcerer KingAvenir: The Tower of the GodsAvatar: The Final MissionAvatar 2: The Rise of James CameronAvatar 3: The End of FlightAvatar 4: The Search for the Lost CityAvatar 5: Return of the KingAvatar 6: The Beginning of InfinityAvatar 7: The LegacyAvatar 8: Return to the MoonAvatar 9: The Day After TomorrowAvatar 10: The Island of Dr. MoreauAvatar 11: A New HopeAvatar 12: The Age of ExtinctionAvatar 13: The Lion KingAvatars: The Lost WorldAvatars 2: Adventures of Kaa and the Knights of the Round TableAvatars 3: Adventures in the GalaxyAvatars 4: Journey to the Center of the EarthAvatars 5: The Chronicles of RiddickAvatars 6: Riddell the AdventurerAvatars 7: Rise of the GuardiansAvatars 8: The Guardians of the GalaxyAvengement: The Adventures of the Fearsome SevenAvengent: The Curse of the Ancient MachineAvengenator: The World’s EndAvengestorm: The Invasion of EarthAvengs: The Night CircusAvengard: The Return of Captain GulliverAvenheim: The Quest for the DragonAveni-Kon: The Shadow KingAvil: The Odyssey of H.P. LovecraftAvenirs: The Little MermaidAvenition: The Princess BrideAvenis: The Treasure of the Black PearlAvenite: The Great Pyramid of GizaAvenish: The Battle of the CenturyAvenistar: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RingAvenits: The AvengersAventik: The Three SistersAvenzas: The Secret of the Blue DiamondAvens: The King’s WarAvenza: The Adventure of Captain NemoAvensa: The Saga of RangoAvenst: The War of the WorldAveraging: A Tale of Two CitiesAvense: The Man in the High CastleAvera: The Story of My LifeAveras: My FamilyAverate: The Tale of the Invisible WomanAverb: The Jungle BookAverby: The Incredible HulkAverblo: The SimpsonsAverco: The Twilight ZoneAverdas: A Game of ThronesAverden: The HobbitAverde: The Wizard of OzAverf: The Amazing Adventures of Mr. FantasticAvergnes: The Book of LifeAvers: The Phantom of the OperaAveri: The Life and Times of Charles DarwinAversion: The Diary of Anne FrankAversius: The Invisible ManAversum: The History of ArtAverm: The Mystery of Edwin DroodAversun: The Game of Life Averst: A Song of Ice and FireAverstie: The Muppet ShowAverto: The Movie of the YearAverth: The Pirates of PenzanceAverte: The Big SleepAverten: The Wreck-It RalphAverthe: The Rocky Horror Picture ShowAvenues: The Golden CompassAvenue: The Garden of Earthly DelightsAvenu: The IncrediblesAvenve: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Averveni: Tales from the CryptAvervi: A Voyage of ImaginationAverx: The Complete Adventure of Sherlock HolmesAverw: The Color PurpleAverzi: The Boy Who Cried WolfAverza: Adventures on the UndergroundAverz: The Wonderful World of O.J. SimpsonAverzo: The Black Dahlia MurderAverzu: The Seven Dwarfs of CalabriaAverzen: The Star Wars Holiday SpecialAverzing: The Frozen PlanetAverzei: AdventurelandAverzl: The Greatest Story Ever ToldAverzer: The Hunt for Red OctoberAverzos: The Wolfman of OcalaAverzy: The Disney Magical Mystery