Jefferson Parish Library’s ‘No-Kills’ Bookmarks Give Us Hope

The Jefferson Parish library is planning to change the way people access the books in its stacks.

The library plans to launch a bookmarks program at its campuses, and the library hopes to have all its stacks of books open to all the public in about two years.

The plan is a way to let people who are struggling to get access to the library books, who are interested in reading, or who are looking for a different way to get books, know what to look for, and what to expect in terms of accessibility.

Library director Jeffrey D’Arcy says it will allow them to have access to books that might otherwise be inaccessible.

He says it’s a way of getting people in the library to think about the books that they need to be able to access, not just the ones they’re interested in.

The Jefferson Library’s library and science and technology center, where they will also have a science center, will have no fewer than 20,000 books available for public use.

The project was first announced last year, but there has been a lack of funding.

D’Arthur said the goal of the project is to make sure that the books are accessible to everyone.

“That’s the first and foremost goal of our initiative, which is to be a community resource,” he said.

“This is a library, not a museum.

We’re not building a museum to be used by the public.

We have a library to be the community resource that we are.

This is really about making sure that our libraries are accessible.”

D’Artagnan hopes the program will be a model for other public libraries around the country.

“We hope it’ll be a starting point for other places to take the idea of accessibility and really put it into practice,” he says.

The bookmarks are part of a program the Jefferson Parish Libraries hopes to launch later this year.

That’s when the library plans on making all of its stacks open to the public, and then also to all patrons who want to access those books.

D.J. Parks, a librarian and the president of the Jefferson Library Association, said the program is being implemented because the library is looking to be open to everyone and because there is a lack in the community when it comes to access to information.

“It’s a good example of how we can actually bring these things about and make them part of the fabric of our community,” Parks said.

The first step in the process of changing the way that people access books will be to find out what people are reading, and make sure those people know that they can access the library’s books.

This project will involve collecting and scanning books that people would like to have available to them, and creating a library bookmarks list that will be used to help them find what they are looking to read.

The books will then be placed on shelves that will not only show them for others to read, but also for them to see what other people are looking at, and that will help make the books easier to access.

For more on the Jefferson library project, see our feature story about the bookmarks initiative.