New York City library says it will shut down after ‘significant public backlash’

NEW YORK (AP) New York city’s largest library said Monday it will shutter its library services in a bid to avoid a repeat of the uproar over the closure of its flagship Brooklyn Public Library in April.

The Brooklyn Public library was shuttered in April after being the target of criticism over its closure of a gay-themed library called the Brooklyn Gay and Lesbian Center, and the library’s decision to hire a transgender person to oversee its operations.

A few weeks later, a lesbian couple sued the library and a gay rights group, claiming the library had discriminated against them.

The Brooklyn City Council eventually agreed to a settlement with the lesbian couple, who said they were the victims of discrimination.

The library closed in May.

The library said the decision to close the library was based on “significant public outrage” and that the library is committed to improving its operations and service.

The city council will meet Monday to consider a resolution to close its library.

The city council meeting is scheduled for 8 p.m. Monday.