The Biggest Book Burners in Phoenix Public Libraries

Phoenix Public Library, a public library in the northern suburbs of Phoenix, has a list of “burning books” that they’re encouraging people to take a look at.

According to the Phoenix Public Libres Facebook page, the library’s Burning Books Project is trying to raise money to pay for a new, free digital library for children, which they are hoping to start by the end of June.

The Burning Books program aims to pay children $25 for every new book they read, which includes the cost of a new computer, new headphones, and a subscription to the local CBS News.

The library will also give each child a copy of The Art of War, which was created by American writer Theodore Dreiser, as well as the novel The Art and the Meaning of Life.

“This is a wonderful idea for the Phoenix library, but more importantly, for our community and for our world,” said Phoenix Public Public Library Director Joe Mancuso.

“As we continue to build and expand our community-driven digital library, we want to continue to make our libraries accessible to all.”

The program is not only a fun and educational project for the library, it’s also a way to raise funds for local charities and support those in need.

“Our goal is to make this a truly community-oriented project, and our volunteers will be doing a lot of work on the side, which is great, but it’s important for us to have the books,” Mancu said.

“And I think if we’re going to do this right, we need a whole lot of books.”

Mancuson said the library hopes to start receiving books from the Burning Books Program by the beginning of the summer.