Tulsa library library says it will close in September

Tulsa, Oklahoma – The Tulsa Public Library will close its doors in September, and its library card holders will no longer be able to access library services, according to a statement posted on the library’s website.

The library is expected to close its door to all patrons in September after nearly two decades of service.

The library was founded in 1957, according the statement, and it is currently one of the largest in the state.

TPDL said it received more than $50 million in donations from individuals and businesses, and the library is now the largest library in the nation.

The city of Tulsa, which has been a hub of libraries for more than 100 years, announced in 2015 that it would close its library in 2018.

In that same year, the city of St. Petersburg, Florida, announced it was shutting down its library.

In a separate statement, the St. Louis Public Library said it would shutter its branch in 2018, and that it will be closed by 2019.