UTA Library & Arts Centre: A real-life library & a real-world art gallery

SAN JOSE – UTA is celebrating its 50th anniversary and is now a real library & arts centre.

The new, state-of-the-art library & art gallery opened in late November on the grounds of the UTA Center on campus, located in the heart of downtown San Jose.

It is a world-class collection of art, literature and other cultural resources, from books, films, television, music and more, housed in an open, modern building with natural light, sound and temperature.

Director and curator of the new library & cultural centre, Sarah Lichtman, said the project was conceived as a “first step” to the future of UTA, as well as a way to bring people together.

“UTA is one of the world’s leading research universities and has a unique connection with its residents, students and alumni, and that connection is what the new UTA Arts & Culture Centre brings,” she said.

Her husband, former UTA President Bill Lichtmans, was a professor in the University of California at San Diego and was the first dean of the College of Arts & Science in San Diego.

UTA was named the best school for young professionals in the nation by the National Association of Colleges and Employers in 2015, with students earning the highest honors in their field.

Students who attend the UTAs Arts & Cultures Centre will be able to find a library of their own by entering the online catalog, a library is also in the works, according to Lichtmann.

In 2017, the UTS opened its first library on campus for students to borrow books, videos, books, artwork and other resources.

Lichtman said the new centre is not only a library, but also a cultural resource.

For example, the collection includes works by U.S. President Donald Trump, former President Donald Trumps family and celebrities such as George Clooney, Bill Murray, Kevin Hart, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Bay and more.

“The collection includes books by Ulysses S. Grant, the great American poet, and the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright George Eliot, who lived in San Jose and the world,” she told RTE.

More to come….