Washington: House GOP backs Trump-led probe of Trump University

GOP lawmakers have voted to allow the House Intelligence Committee to investigate Donald Trump’s ties to a Washington, D.C., school that was the site of a scam that cost more than $1 million to teach Trump-connected students a series of real estate deals.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., on Tuesday (Dec. 9) voted in favor of the measure, which is the latest sign of bipartisan support for a probe of the Trump University case.

The House’s move comes as House Speaker Paul Ryan, R, Wis., is facing pressure to explain his leadership role in the panel’s investigation.

“I do believe that it’s important for the House to have the opportunity to get to the bottom of this and to determine what happened here,” Goodlatt said Tuesday.

“There’s no doubt that the president-elect has an obligation to the American people to answer questions about these events.”

The move comes amid a growing national debate over the allegations that the Trump Organization, through its real estate seminars, paid out tens of millions of dollars to students for bogus courses that promised to turn them into real estate moguls.

Republicans have also criticized Ryan’s leadership of the committee’s investigation, which has been widely criticized for its limited scope.

Goodlatty’s vote marks the first time Republicans have approved the probe, which could result in a vote next week by the full House.

The measure, sponsored by Reps.

Adam Schiff, D-Calif., and Ted Lieu, D and Maxine Waters, D, is expected to come up for a vote Tuesday, according to a summary from Goodlatts office.

The legislation is likely to pass both chambers of Congress, although it faces a hurdle of getting on the president’s desk.

In a statement, the panel said it would work to ensure that the committee is given the resources necessary to complete its work.

“It’s critical to the investigation that we have the resources to ensure the panel has the resources and expertise to complete this critical inquiry,” the statement read.

A former student of Trump’s said in a statement that he had been promised a “dramatic” return on his investment in Trump University.

“After attending courses taught by Donald Trump, I found myself in the position of having my home values plummet,” wrote James A. Zawinski.

“But Trump University had a lot of tricks up its sleeve.

I think it was the first scam I had ever been taught by a real estate mogul.”

A spokesman for Ryan did not immediately respond to a request for comment.