When a baby cries out ‘I love you’ to parents – video

Posted September 14, 2018 08:33:59 A baby cries in the nursery of a Queensland childcare centre as a group of parents listen.

The video is part of a national campaign called ‘Love Your Baby’.

It features mothers, fathers and babies in the care of the state’s childcare centres.

The campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of motherhood and encourage mothers to be a ‘role model’ for their babies.

A number of people from the childcare industry have participated in the campaign, with a number of new mothers sharing their stories of how they became mothers.

The ABC’s The Nightline team spent an afternoon in the childcare centres with a group from The Care Home Network.

Our reporter, Lucy, joined them and was asked about her experiences as a mother and the impact she’s had on the baby.

Lucy is a mother of two and has three sons.

She says her husband was a nurse, but her father was a GP and she never really thought of herself as a nurse.

She also felt a sense of betrayal by the care system.

“I felt I had let myself down by not taking my sons to see them a lot more.”

I think it really took me by surprise when I got the phone call about this campaign, and I knew I had to take the call,” she said.

Lucy said her husband, who is a GP, had worked in childcare and that’s the area she’s currently working. “

We’ve been together for three months now, I’m getting a little bit older and he’s been a bit older, so I’m in a bit of a situation, and he didn’t want to hear it,” she explained.

Lucy said her husband, who is a GP, had worked in childcare and that’s the area she’s currently working.

He also worked at a childcare centre.

Lucy’s husband was the care worker for the babies in her care.

Lucy felt the call from The Centre of Excellence about this baby was heartbreaking.

“It was really heart-wrenching,” she admitted.

“When you hear something like that, you’re so emotional, it’s so upsetting.”

The baby cried ‘I LOVE ya’ to her while Lucy was away.

Lucy and her husband were in tears, and Lucy was devastated.

She didn’t know how to react.

Lucy shared her story in her ABC Nightline program.

“That’s why I think we have this campaign,” she told The Nightlock.

“Because it shows that we are the ones who need to be the role model for our children, that we need to keep saying ‘I’m so sorry, I love you’, because we need that, and that is really important.”

She said she hoped other parents would share their stories, and the campaign would inspire others.

“What if my partner, who’s a nurse who’s also in a care system, says ‘I am so sorry for the way I’ve treated you, I hope you love me’?” Lucy said.

“So we’re just trying to be positive and say ‘please don’t say anything bad about us’.” The campaign is part from the Queensland Government’s ‘Love your Baby’ campaign.

The state’s Department of Family and Community Services says the campaign is about “encouraging mothers to love their children, to be role models for their children”.

It also aims to educate parents on how to make better decisions about their children’s care.

ABC nightline’s The Morning Report: Lucy and husband at The Carehome Network.