Why Apple doesn’t want to build a new iBooks app for Android readers

Android is a platform for developers to build apps, which means that apps are a huge part of the reason why Apple doesn.

Apple has long had a history of building apps for the platform, and Apple has a lot of experience building apps on that platform.

But it’s important to remember that Google doesn’t have a lot to do with iOS development.

Android, in turn, is owned by Google, which makes it harder for the company to make money from apps.

If Apple wants to build an app for the Android platform, that means Apple has to find a way to get developers to use its own app store.

That can be difficult, and it can be hard to find the right partner.

The most obvious answer to that question is to find Google itself.

The search giant has made a habit of making it easier for developers, and the Google Play store is one of the most popular places to find Android apps.

Apple could use a similar strategy, though.

That’s where Apple could get the best of Google and the Android app store: Google.

Google has been one of Apple’s biggest competitors on the mobile platform, offering the best mobile app store in the world.

If Google were to build the Android App Store for Android, it could create a similar opportunity for Apple.

Apple’s competition would be Google, and its competitor would have a huge incentive to find ways to make Android more appealing.

The biggest difference here is that Google has already done this on iOS, and that makes Apple’s task easier.