Why you should stop reading the news

The Denver Public Library will no longer be providing its News, Weather and Sports section, which covers the Denver Broncos, the Denver Nuggets and the Denver City Council, according to a notice posted on the library’s website.

The move comes after Denver City Hall and Denver Public Schools Board members and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock announced last month that they would be ending the News, Sports and Education sections.

News, weather and sports, or news, weather, and weather, as they’re known, cover the major sports and entertainment topics that Denver Public Libraries serves.

“The News, Education and Sports sections are the most diverse sections on the website, covering topics such as sports, movies, news, events, sports and arts,” the library notice reads.

“In addition, the News and Weather sections are where we discuss topics that are not related to the sports or entertainment content on our website.”

The News section will continue to include news, current events, current news, the latest in local news and the latest news in sports and events.

“For information about the library, call 303-542-5099 or email [email protected]

The move to the News section comes as the library seeks to improve its user experience with a redesign, according the library.

“We are focused on making the website more engaging, convenient and relevant for people of all ages,” the notice says.

“At this time, we have no plans to change the way that news, sports, entertainment, events and weather are presented on the site.”

The Denver Post previously reported that Denver’s Public Library Board of Trustees and Denver City Manager John DeSimone would be deciding the fate of the News & Weather section.

“Our focus will be on what makes our library a top choice for students, parents and residents of Denver,” the board said in a statement to the Denver Post on Wednesday.

“If the board does not choose to continue with the News portion of the website or to close it, we will continue providing the News content in other locations.”

The announcement comes after a city councilman and Denver mayor said they would end the News sections.

The news section has been a source of frustration for many of the libraries patrons, who have complained about how they’ve missed important information, such as information about new developments and upcoming events.

The News section was removed from the Denver Public library’s newsstands last summer, after a library employee filed a complaint with the library board.

The Denver Board of Education removed the News website from the website on May 18.

“News, Weather, and Sports have become a source for frustration and misinformation for many customers,” the Library Board said in its statement on Wednesday, citing the removal of the news section.

The library did not respond to a request for comment on Wednesday afternoon.

Denver Public libraries also had a separate News section on its website for two years, but the News was removed in late August.

In November, the library posted an update to its website about the News.

“While the News is no longer available, we look forward to continuing to serve our customers in an even-handed and informative manner,” the updated News statement reads.