Why you should stop visiting the U.S. library system

The Irish government is asking its citizens to avoid visiting the libraries in the U: The Department of Culture, Arts and Heritage wants to give them a “no-stop tour” of the nation’s largest libraries.

The department says it is “deeply concerned” that more than two dozen libraries are still closed, despite a two-week shutdown on the West Coast that began last month.

It says it will make recommendations to the Department of Education and other agencies in the next few months to allow people to visit libraries, but warns that the number of visits is “likely to increase” because of the current closings.

The U.K.’s public libraries, meanwhile, have also been forced to close following the closure of their flagship campus in London, where many staff are stationed.

The closure will take place on Saturday.

The Department of State has also been asked to look at ways to increase the number and diversity of the national public libraries.

It is seeking a report from its staff and community members, along with the advice of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, about the need to “provide for more diverse, more varied and more effective public libraries.”